[Trilinos-Users] Configuring with cmake on Intrepid (BGP)

Perschbacher, Brent M bmpersc at sandia.gov
Wed Feb 17 08:42:24 MST 2010

Hmm, editing the cache file would get you passed some of the configure time tests, but not all of them. We have done some cross compiling of Trilinos using cmake, but it has been limited to a small set of machines. There is some information and example cross compile files in <trilinos dir>/samplescripts/crosscompile that should help you get started. Not a terribly obvious place to have put them, but they do outline what needs to be done to set up a cross compile build.


On 2/16/10 6:42 PM, "John R. Cary" <cary at colorado.edu> wrote:

Attached is my configure failure on BGP for the compute nodes.

I am sure everyone knows, but this is a cross-compile situation.

Upon reading the error messages, it sounded like I could
just define these in CMakeCache.txt

all to 0.  So I did that and it did configure and is building.

I then see:

System is unknown to cmake, create:
Platform/BlueGeneP to use this system, please send your config file to
cmake at www
.cmake.org so it can be added to cmake

but I am not sure what to do?

Is there some more automatic/convenient way to do this
other then editing CMakeCache.txt?

Thanks....John Cary

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