[Trilinos-Users] mingw: linking problem trilinos and clapack

Christoph Hasenbein christoph.hasenbein at tu-harburg.de
Thu Feb 4 02:49:48 MST 2010


I just didn't understand how to properly fill this variable. But finally
I figured out that "(name,NAME) _ ## name ## _" makes Teuchos search for
the function name with underbar. Nevertheless I can't link to my

I try to make it work with the Teuchos tests now as you told me.
The error is

cd /C/msys/1.0/home/christoph/trilinos-10.0.4-Source/gccDebug/packages/teuchos/test/BLAS && /C/msys/1.0/bin/g++.exe     -g -O0  -g 
"CMakeFiles/Teuchos_BLAS_test.dir/cxx_main.cpp.obj"   -o Teuchos_BLAS_test.exe -Wl,--out-implib,libTeuchos_BLAS_test.dll.a -Wl,--major-image-version,0,--minor-image-
version,0  -L/C/msys/1.0/home/christoph/trilinos-10.0.4-Source/gccDebug/packages/teuchos/src ../../src/libteuchos.a /C/msys/1.0/home/christoph/clapack-3.2.1-
CMAKE/gccDebug/SRC/liblapack.a /C/msys/1.0/home/christoph/clapack-3.2.1-CMAKE/gccDebug/BLAS/SRC/libblas.a -lkernel32 -luser32 -lgdi32 -lwinspool -lshell32 -lole32 -
loleaut32 -luuid -lcomdlg32 -ladvapi32 
../../src/libteuchos.a(Teuchos_BLAS.cpp.obj):c:/msys/1.0/home/christoph/trilinos-10.0.4-Source/packages/teuchos/src/Teuchos_BLAS.cpp:84: undefined reference to `_srotg_'
../../src/libteuchos.a(Teuchos_BLAS.cpp.obj):c:/msys/1.0/home/christoph/trilinos-10.0.4-Source/packages/teuchos/src/Teuchos_BLAS.cpp:87: undefined reference to `_srot_'
../../src/libteuchos.a(Teuchos_BLAS.cpp.obj):c:/msys/1.0/home/christoph/trilinos-10.0.4-Source/packages/teuchos/src/Teuchos_BLAS.cpp:111: undefined reference to 

[ many other undefined references to functions following]

Checking the library shows

$ nm /C/msys/1.0/home/christoph/clapack-3.2.1-CMAKE/gccDebug/BLAS/SRC/libblas.a | grep srotg
00000000 T _srotg_

So it searches for the right name but doesn't find it.
I'm out of ideas and I don't think that I can solve this. I will leave
it like this and thank you for your help.

Best regards,


Am Dienstag 02 Februar 2010 16:44:04 schrieb Bartlett, Roscoe A:
> Christoph,
> Sorry I missed you use of 'nm' later in the email.
> Look and see what gets configured in:
>     packages/teuchos/src/Teuchos_config.h
> If F77_BLAS_MANGLE is not what you expect then something is wrong
>  with the configure input or something.
> Also, can you build the native Trilinos tests?  Try to configure
>  with:
>    -DTrilinos_ENABLE_Teuchos=ON -DTrilinos_ENABLE_TESTS=ON
> Do the Teuchos tests build and link?  If not, then manually modify
>  the configured Teuchos_config.h file until you get it to work.
> - Ross

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