[Trilinos-Users] intel compiler problems

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Wed Feb 3 13:23:16 MST 2010

There is a simple work-around to this bug, discovered by Cristiano Malossi.  Making this change makes the problem disappear:

Line 2693 corresponds to:

if( j == MyGlobalElements_[i] ) Values[j] += a_;

which seems correct to me. However, I tried to modify it and with this
"different" version

if( MyGlobalElements_[i] == j ) Values[j] += a_;

it works!


On 2/3/10 2:13 PM, "Schiek, Richard L" <rlschie at sandia.gov> wrote:

I get an "internal compiler error" when using intel 11.0 or 11.1 (64bit Mac OS X) on Trilinos 10 and development versions of Trilinos regardless of optimization level.  The block of code that fails is just an if statement in Trilinos_Util_CrsMatrixGallery.cpp.

I was able to produce a preprocessed copy of this file and give it to Intel's support group.  They can duplicate the error and hopefully will fix it soon.

So, at this time I'm still using Intel 10.1 compilers.

Rich Schiek

On 2/3/10 1:05 PM, "Paul T. Bauman" <ptbauman at gmail.com> wrote:

Has anyone been successful compiling trilinos with any 11.x version of
the Intel compilers on a 64-bit Linux system?

Just to follow up on this thread we're on Intel 11.1.064 here (64bit Linux) and I'm seeing the same problem.  -O2 gives the error message, but -O1 seems OK. This is with Trilinos 9.0.3, haven't tried Trilinos 10 yet.



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