[Trilinos-Users] Starting out suggestions

Luke Bloy lbloy at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Dec 30 11:10:14 MST 2010


I'm new to trilinos and am looking for some suggestions on where to start.

My immediate application is to repeatedly ( 10,000 - 500,000 times) 
solve a sparse linear system defined by a non-symmetric matrix A. The 
size of A is roughly 2,000,000 square but with only ~ 30,000,000 
unknowns. The RHS of these systems will also generally be fairly sparse.

In my head the procedure would be.
1) Convert ublas csr matrix to Eperta format.
2) compute an ILU or other preconditioner (ifpack)
3) then solve each RHS

I've just begun to go through the tutorials and documentation. At first 
if seemed I should be looking at Belos and ifpack or perhaps Amesos. but 
then I came across Stratimikos and thought that looked promissing.

So i guess my question is where should i start?

Thanks in advance.

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