[Trilinos-Users] ForTrilinos and newest intel version 12 compiler problems

Michael Scot Breitenfeld brtnfld at uiuc.edu
Thu Dec 16 21:54:25 MST 2010


It seems ForTrilinos is having the same problem compiling .F90 files as
I'm having with my code. The problem is Intel has (inadvertently?)
introduced a limit on the size of the fpp command line. I get the error:

fpp: fatal: Command line too long for buffer

With all the links and includes the command line is about 6300
characters, but I think the actual limit is around 4,000 characters.
Version 11 does not have this problem.

I've tried to get an answer in Intel's Fortran Linux forum but I did not
get an answer.

Maybe someone with more connections then me can get an answer from Intel.

BTW, I'm using:

Intel(R) Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE for applications running on
Intel(R) 64, Version 12.0 Build 20101006


P.S. I sent this message previously to the wrong list.

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