[Trilinos-Users] Build regression on BGP

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Apr 29 14:25:20 MDT 2010

John Cary wrote:
> -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=/gpfs/home/cary/projects/vpall/numpkgs/Toolchain-BlueGeneP-mpixl.cmake

Ah, I didn't realize before that you're cross-compiling.

> System is unknown to cmake, create:
> Platform/BlueGeneP-MPIXL to use this system, please send your config
> file to cmake at www.cmake.org so it can be added to cmake

It looks like your toolchain file may not set everything it needs to set.
Did you get this error with Trilinos 10.0?  Please also review this page:


> -- Error, the directory fmangle could not be found so we can not
>    determine Fortran name mangling!

This is the real problem that leads to the error message you get from
the TrilinosFortranMangling.cmake module.  I'm not familiar with this
version of Fortran mangling detection.  Hopefully one of the Trilinos
developers can jump in here.

> -- Detecting Fortran/C Interface - Found GLOBAL and MODULE mangling
> -- Verifying Fortran/CXX Compiler Compatibility - Success

This is the part that's implemented by CMake upstream.  It's working.


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