[Trilinos-Users] help with Teuchos::RCP

Nikhil Kriplani nkriplani at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 14:17:11 MDT 2010


I am using NOX and Amesos to solve linear and nonlinear problems in my
program and am getting this warning message shown below. The program
still runs as before, but now it gives me this message. Teuchos::RCP
has been used to initialize and set parameter values for the solvers
... What can I do about this warning?

Note: I did not get this message with versions of Trilinos prior to 10.2.0.

*** Warning! The following Teuchos::RCPNode objects were created but have
*** not been destroyed yet.  This may be an indication that these objects may
*** be involved in a circular dependency!  A memory checking tool may complain
*** that these objects are not destroyed correctly.

  0: RCPNode (map_key_void_ptr=0x3130e90)
       Information = {T=11Epetra_Time, ConcreteT=11Epetra_Time,
p=0x3130e90, has_ownership=1}
       RCPNode address = 0x3131f70
       Call number = 3
  1: RCPNode (map_key_void_ptr=0x3130ec0)
       Information = {T=11Epetra_Time, ConcreteT=11Epetra_Time,
p=0x3130ec0, has_ownership=1}
       RCPNode address = 0x3132080
       Call number = 4
  2: RCPNode (map_key_void_ptr=0x3131c00)
       Information = {T=St6vectorI16Amesos_Time_DataSaIS0_EE,
ConcreteT=St6vectorI16Amesos_Time_DataSaIS0_EE, p=0x3131c00,
       RCPNode address = 0x3131150
       Call number = 1
  3: RCPNode (map_key_void_ptr=0x3131c60)
       Information =
p=0x3131c60, has_ownership=1}
       RCPNode address = 0x3130c40
       Call number = 0
  4: RCPNode (map_key_void_ptr=0x3131cc0)
       Information = {T=16Amesos_Klu_Pimpl,
ConcreteT=16Amesos_Klu_Pimpl, p=0x3131cc0, has_ownership=1}
       RCPNode address = 0x3131d10
       Call number = 2
  5: RCPNode (map_key_void_ptr=0x3132440)
       Information = {T=17klu_common_struct,
ConcreteT=17klu_common_struct, p=0x3132440, has_ownership=1}
       RCPNode address = 0x3132340
       Call number = 5
  6: RCPNode (map_key_void_ptr=0x3132510)
       Information = {T=12klu_symbolic, ConcreteT=12klu_symbolic,
p=0x3132510, has_ownership=1}
       RCPNode address = 0x31326b0
       Call number = 6
  7: RCPNode (map_key_void_ptr=0x3132860)
       Information = {T=11klu_numeric, ConcreteT=11klu_numeric,
p=0x3132860, has_ownership=1}
       RCPNode address = 0x3132ab0
       Call number = 7


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