[Trilinos-Users] Build regression on BGP

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Apr 29 09:54:28 MDT 2010

John R. Cary wrote:
> All factors the same, but 10.2.0 fails to configure.
> -- Verifying Fortran/CXX Compiler Compatibility - Success

This says that CMake's FortranCInterface module successfully detected
the mangling and verified that Fortran and C++ can be used together
with these compilers.  This is good.

> CMake Error at cmake/TrilinosFortranMangling.cmake:41 (MESSAGE):
>    Error, could not determine fortran name mangling!
> Call Stack (most recent call first):
>    cmake/TrilinosProbeEnv.cmake:73 (INCLUDE)
>    CMakeLists.txt:347 (INCLUDE)

This message comes from Trilinos's other Fortran mangling detection
that predates the CMake FortranCInterface module.  There are probably
messages from it in the configure output.  Please post a more complete

You can also try running cmake with the "--trace" option to see
a verbose log of how CMake is processing the input files.  Look
for FortranMangle.cmake lines running, and for code setting


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