[Trilinos-Users] can't build Trilinos 10.2.0 with shared libraries on 10.6.3 Mac OS X

Jonathan Guyer jonathan.guyer at nist.gov
Wed Apr 28 16:37:56 MDT 2010

On Apr 28, 2010, at 6:23 PM, Bartlett, Roscoe A wrote:

> FYI:
> Starting with Trilinos 10.2, when you set -DTrilinos_ENABLE_SOMEPACKAGE=ON, the CMake system will automatically enable everything that SOMEPACKAGE can even remotely possibly use.  Therefore, there should never be a need to set -DTrilinos_ENABLE_ALL_PACKAGES=ON unless you are trying to create a "full" distribution of Trilinos (which would be very hard to do because of all the optional TPLs that are not provided with Trilinos).
> Therefore, setting -DTrilinos_ENABLE_PyTrilinos=ON should give you PyTrilinos with everything in Trilinos it can possibly use (and more).
> Don't bother trying to build more code than you actually need.  Just is just my advice.

Thanks for the explanation. As I just posted, this does work for me. 

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