[Trilinos-Users] Problem with Mesquite

Keita Teranishi keita at cray.com
Wed Apr 28 10:08:42 MDT 2010


We have had two problems with Mesquite, one of new packages in 10.2.

The first problem is building the test programs.  We found that we are not able to create them with CMAKE options such as  "-D Mesquite_ENABLE_TESTS:BOOL=ON."

Another problem is that it is very hard to find the information of the link order of the two archive files. (libmsqutil.a and libmesquito.a).

We'd like to know how to resolve these two issues, and I think once we know how to build the test programs, we can figure out the link order.

Thanks in advance,
 Keita Teranishi
 Scientific Library Group
 Cray, Inc.
 keita at cray.com

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