[Trilinos-Users] Linking programs to Trilinos

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What documentation were you reading?

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Subject: [Trilinos-Users] Linking programs to Trilinos

Hello there,

I have a problem with linking my programs to Trilinos library.

I have downloaded Trilinos source and built it with some packages selected (details are below), however I cannot link my program to Trilinos library, because I don't know with which link and/or include parameters i should run my compiler.

I am using g++ as a compipler, and the way I built Trilinos is as follows:

    First, I ran the custom script do-configure:


    cmake \
      -D Trilinos_ENABLE_Didasko:BOOL=ON \
      -D Trilinos_ENABLE_Epetra:BOOL=ON \
      -D Trilinos_ENABLE_Teuchos:BOOL=ON \
      -D Trilinos_ENABLE_Triutils:BOOL=ON \
      -D Trilinos_ENABLE_Anasazi:BOOL=ON \
      -D Trilinos_ENABLE_TESTS:BOOL=ON \
      $EXTRA_ARGS \

    Then, I prompted "make -j12"
    After I prompted "ctest" and all tests were successful,
    At the end, I prompted "sudo make install" and install operation was also successfully completed.

I read from the documentation that a file called "trilinos_make_macros.mak" file should help, but I can't find it
anywhere in my file system, even thought I performed many searches including "find / -name trilinos_make_macros.mak"

Any help would be appreciated,

Best regards
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