[Trilinos-Users] 10.0.5 fails to configure with pgi-9.0.4

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Apr 12 06:44:01 MDT 2010

John R Cary wrote:
>     /opt/pgi/9.0.4/linux86-64/9.0-4/bin/pgCC      CMakeFiles/VerifyFortranC.dir/main.c.o CMakeFiles/VerifyFortranC.dir/VerifyC.c.o CMakeFiles/VerifyFortranC.dir/VerifyFortran.f.o CMakeFiles/VerifyFortranC.dir/VerifyCXX.cxx.o  -o VerifyFortranC  
>     CMakeFiles/VerifyFortranC.dir/VerifyFortran.f.o: In function `verifyfortran_':
>     /project/projectdirs/facets/hopper/contrib-pgi-9.0.4/cmake-2.8.1-ser/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FortranCInterface/Verify/VerifyFortran.f:2: undefined reference to `pgf90io_src_info'

The pgCC command line does not contain the Fortran runtime libraries.
The FortranCInterface module is supposed to detect the Fortran compiler's
implicit runtime libraries that are not shared with the C++ compiler
and list them explicitly.  The detection results should have been
logged in CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log and/or CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log
at the top of the build tree.

Please post these files and CMakeFiles/CMake*Compiler.cmake for us
to review.


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