[Trilinos-Users] ML issue with gnu 4.4.1 and the new alpha trilinos.

Jason Slemons slemons at cray.com
Wed Sep 30 12:30:00 MDT 2009


I think I've hit a similar snag in building ML to the snag I hit
building zoltan earlier. I was building ML along with a number of other
packages, and some third party libraries, metis and parmetis for



The problem came when trying to compile  the file
'trilinos/packages/ml/src/Operator/ml_op_utils.c' and the error I got


In file included from

/home/users/slemons/trilinos_messup/metisinc/parmetis.h:27: error:
redefinition of typedef 'idxtype'

/home/users/slemons/trilinos_messup/metisinc/struct.h:19: note: previous
declaration of 'idxtype' was here

make[2]: ***
[packages/ml/src/CMakeFiles/ml.dir/Operator/ml_op_utils.c.o] Error 1


In both .h files there is the following code:


/* Undefine the following #define in order to use short int as the
idxtype */



/* Indexes are as long as integers for now */


typedef int idxtype;


typedef short idxtype;



So it is true that idxtype is being defined twice if both these files
are being included. If I go into parmetis.h and comment out these two
typedef statements then the file compiles fine. Of course other files
depend on this definition being in parmetis.h. I think one way to fix it
could be to have a variable called HAVE_METIS_AND_PARMETIS that decides
when to include these typedefs.






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