[Trilinos-Users] Compiling Trilinos 10.0.1 on Mac. Success!

Luca Heltai luca.heltai at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 09:41:43 MDT 2009

Dear All,

Thanks to the patch, I was able to configure and compile 10.0.1 on my  
mac os 10.6.1, using gcc and gfortran 4.5 from HPC.

Thanks a lot.


Luca Heltai <luca.heltai at gmail.com>
Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati
Phone:  +39 040 3787 449, Office: 255
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On 29/ott/2009, at 15.30, Bartlett, Roscoe A wrote:

> Ted,
> Chris Baker was able to reproduce the problem and found the cause.    
> Can you please apply the attached patch and see if it fixes this  
> problem?  The fix will be in the next minor release of Trilinos 10.
> What is happening here is that some of these Trilinos CMakeLists.txt  
> files are missing explicit info about the interdependencies of some  
> libraries.   This info should be needed by CMake for correctly  
> creating shared libraries and linking the libraries in the right  
> order.   The design of the Trilinos CMake build system makes sure  
> that all the libraries will be listed on every link line but without  
> the correct ordering info, CMake may not put them in the right order  
> (or may not create the shared libraries correctly which might be the  
> case here).  For some reason, these still linked just fine on all  
> the Unix, Windows, and Mac machines on which we are testing.  It has  
> only been these newer Macs that are showing the defects (and these  
> are defects).   This is very frustrating.
> The Trilinos project needs to get a hold of one of these newer Macs  
> that can reproduce the problem and add it as a nightly test machine  
> so that this never happens again.
> Let me know if this does not work or if you have any other such link  
> problems.
> - Ross

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