[Trilinos-Users] VS2008 build problems

Chris Jackson chris.jackson at mayahtt.com
Wed Oct 21 20:47:58 MDT 2009


I just faced some similar issues on win32.  I see two possibilities:

1)      There are actually three libraries associated with CLAPACK.  These are lapack.lib, blas.lib, and libf2c.lib.  They are located in different folders in the CLAPACK build path (e.g., BLAS/SRC/release/blas.lib).  Make sure you link to all three libraries.

2)      You may have "underscore name conflicts" (that's what I call them anyway, there's surely a more formal definition!).  epetra.lib is looking for a symbol saxpy_.  Go to BLAS/SRC/blas.dir/Release, and do a dumpbin (or nm if you have it on win64) on saxpy.obj.    i.e., dumpbin -headers saxpy.obj      You should see a line like COMDAT; sym= saxpy_.  If instead it says sym= _saxpy_ (mine does), then you need to adjust some settings in your Trilinos cmake configuration.  Go to F77 in the Trilinos cmake-gui, and modify F77_BLAS_MANGLE to get the name mangling straight (add an underscore I guess...  _ ## name ## _ ... ?).

Hope this helps.

Chris Jackson

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I'm trying to build Trilinos with VS2008 on Windows Vista 64 using cmake-gui. CLAPACK seems to build fine - cmake-gui finds it when I try to configure Trilinos with Epetra. However, I get lots of errors while building Trilinos:

epetra.lib(Epetra_BLAS.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol saxpy_ referenced in function "public: void __cdecl Epetra_BLAS::AXPY(int,float,float const *,float *,int,int)const

Any suggestions?
Thank you,

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