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David Andrs dandrs at unr.edu
Wed Oct 14 15:14:08 MDT 2009


I'm trying to do the following thing in parallel. I have a distributed 
vector, each part is owned by one processor. Entries of this vector are 
created either by the processor that owns the part or by another 
processor. In the end, I'd like to send these off-processor 
contributions to the processor where they belong.

I'm using this code:
bb.Import(b, importer, Add);

where bb is the target vector that will have all the contributions from 
other CPUs and b is the "overlapping" vector. I have a simple testing 
problem that I run on 2 CPUs. It has a 3-entries vector, the first entry 
is contributed by both processors, the second by 1st CPU and the last 
one by 2nd CPU. First processor contributes by 2 into the 1st entry and 
the second CPU contributes by 3 into the same entry. So, after the 
statement above, I'd expect to have 5 in the first entry, but I do not. 
Thus I must be doing some wrong.

I attached a minimalistic example that demonstrates my problem.

Thanks for any help,
David Andrs
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