[Trilinos-Users] Intrepid pgi build of test routine.

Jason Slemons slemons at cray.com
Tue Oct 6 09:02:15 MDT 2009

While trying to build intrepid with pgi 9.0.4 I got the following errors;

test_02.cpp", line 572: error:
          expression must be a modifiable lvalue
      topo_iterator = ++supportedTopologies.begin();
test_02.cpp", line 1140: error:
          expression must be a modifiable lvalue
      topo_iterator = --supportedTopologies.end();
I looked in test_02.cpp and the iterator is declared:
  // Declare iterator to loop over the cell topologies
  std::vector<shards::CellTopology>::iterator topo_iterator;
supportedTopologies is declared right away:
  // Collect all supported cell topologies
  std::vector<shards::CellTopology> supportedTopologies;

I looked for definitions of ++ in the intrepid folder but I couldn't go much further since the documentation page for intrepid on the web is not found(which now that I think about it is a larger issue than the one I'm having here). In the mean time I will just disable this test but if someone knows about a fix or has seen this in the past, please let me know.

--Jason Slemons
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