[Trilinos-Users] 10.0 CMake problem

Devine, Karen D kddevin at sandia.gov
Mon Oct 5 10:37:19 MDT 2009


I am interested in the solution to this problem as well.  We have been
discussing it in bugzilla bug 4590.

I checked the file you suggested; it contains the following line:


On 10/5/09 7:41 AM, "Brad King" <brad.king at kitware.com> wrote:

> Jack Chessa wrote:
>> I am having some problems building 10.0 on an intel mac with OSX 10.5.7
>> I am getting the linking problems
> [snip]
>> I think I need to add
>> -lgfortran to the linking flags, but I am having a hard time finding
>> where this is in CMake?
> CMake is supposed to automatically add this library.  In fact the whole
> purpose of the VerifyFortranC configuration check is to report failure
> early if there is a problem using C++ and Fortran together.
> Was this a fresh build tree?
> Look for a line like
>   SET(CMAKE_Fortran_IMPLICIT_LINK_LIBRARIES "...;gfortran;...")
> in CMakeFiles/CMakeFortranCompiler.cmake in the build tree.  Does any
> such line appear?
> -Brad
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