[Trilinos-Users] Need help to understand Epetra_CrsMatrix::ReplaceGlobalValues

John R. Cary cary at colorado.edu
Tue Mar 31 09:50:57 MDT 2009

Andrea Cassioli wrote:
> Hi Cary,
> I completely agree with you, it sounds really wired! But you are also
> right: if no values are already in the matrix, you can not use
> ReplaceGlobalValues but instead the InsertGlobalValues is needed.
> So my advice is to use ReplaceGlobalValues, check the return code and
> then if needed call for InsertGlobalValues...

Thank you, Andrea.  I tried that as well.  When I try to insert, my code 
writes out

../../vpmultif/VpEpetraUpdaters.h, line 627, 
error 2 in replacing row of global index 100 for [indices, vals] = [100, 1].

So the return value is 2.  So then I try to insert, and I get

Trying insertion ...failed with res = 3

Is there someplace to look up these error codes?


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