[Trilinos-Users] Help for non symmetric matrices

Siddhartha Khaitan siddhartha.khaitan at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 13:34:30 MST 2009


I am very interested to use Trilinos for my problem in Energy studies. My
matrices are highly unsymmetric and with zeroes in the diagonal. I am
interested to use highly scalable linear solvers especially iterative
solvers. I had tried different ILU precondititioners with SPARSEKIT and
ITSOL on serial platforms and their performance was rather poor due to lack
of diagonal dominace and zeros in the diagonal.

I would be very grateful for your help regarding which solvers and
preconditioners would be suitable for my problem. I was particularly
interested in multigrid, domain decomposition, multilevel methods if they
could be good for my kind of
non symmetric matrices and zeros in diagonal. Also my matrices are in the
form of Ax = b. where directly A and b are available.

I would be very grateful for the help.

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