[Trilinos-Users] Problem During Make

Bartlett, Roscoe A rabartl at sandia.gov
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How did you run make?  Did you run it in serial or in parallel (i.e. did you add -jN or nothing)?  If you ran in serial it looks like this is link problem with creating shared libraries in PyTrilinos.  I don't know how portable that is with PyTrilinos and the current autotools system.  I will leave that the the PyTrilinos developers to answer.

This type of problem might go away in the up coming CMake build system for Trilinos that natively supports shared libraries.  (But that will not help you with Trilinos 9.0.x).

- Ross

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I sucessfully configured Trilinos with the following:

 ./configure --prefix=$HOME --enable-epetra --enable-epetraext --enable-aztecoo --enable-pytrilinos --enable-ml --enable-ifpack --enable-amesos --enable-galeri --enable-mpi

 But I am getting an error that I do not understand while building "teuchos" (a package I didn't explicitly ask for in my config)
Are there teuchos dependencies that come with some package here?

I attached the output of my make attempt.
Any advice would be hugely helpful!

-Matthew Goodman
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