[Trilinos-Users] CUDA (not trilinos related)

rrossi at cimne.upc.edu rrossi at cimne.upc.edu
Wed Jul 29 13:09:13 MDT 2009

	A comment on CUDA ... which indeed has very little to do with

concerning the on-going discussion on CUDA performance, i would like
to say that Matrix-Vector Multiplication using nvidia GTX280 and
DOUBLE PRECISION is at 5 to 10 times faster than a recent quad core
system (old quad core ... not sure of the I7).

If the matrix is sufficiently big this figure could be even better.

I should say that the figures i report are obtained using a serial
code for the matrix multiplication based on the ublas library. I am
pretty sure in any case that even trilinos is not faster than that for
a single CPU.

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