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Hi Gianluca,

I did not find any iterative linear solver that we could take directly off-the-shelf for our Tesla GPU system, so we have been developing our own preconditioned conjugate-gradient algorithms for GPGPU for internal use only. The www.nvidia.com CUDA site has info on some preconditioned conjugate-gradient solvers, but there was nothing there that we could use directly for our reservoir simulator development, since they were limited to scalar variables only (one unknown per block). Depending on your needs, you may want to check the CUDA applications anyway at the NVIDIA site to see if you find a match.


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Hi all,

I'm working on GPGPU, in particular using CUDA, in
a numerical linear algebra application.

As part of the work there will be the necessity of a
Linear Solver Package, something like the AztecOO
Trilinos package.

Do you know of a similar package?
If not, does anyone tried to implement it?
(with or without success?)

If I do not find anything, and I implement it by myself,
is there interest on such a package?

Gianluca Moro

Gianluca Moro                  http://www.giammy.com
Ph.D. Student                   http://www.math.unipd.it/~giammy/
Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics - University of Padova

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