[Trilinos-Users] [Fwd: use of __stdcall for BLAS/LAPACK routines in ML]

Jonathan Hu jhu at sandia.gov
Wed Jan 21 12:46:02 MST 2009

Hi Tom,

   I don't have any experience using the Microsoft __stdcall 
conventions, so am forwarding this to the general Trilinos user's list.  
Fyi, the next release of Trilinos (March/April) will optionally use 
cmake for the build system.


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Subject: 	[ML-Users] use of __stdcall for BLAS/LAPACK routines in ML
Date: 	Tue, 20 Jan 2009 15:10:31 -0700
From: 	KACVINSKY Tom <Tom.KACVINSKY at 3ds.com>
To: 	ml-users at software.sandia.gov <ml-users at software.sandia.gov>

I need to use __stdcall calling conventions for the BLAS/LAPACK routines.

I am linking against the stdcall flavor of Intel's MKL.  I do not want 
to mix

and match the stdcall and cdecl runtimes which is what I would have to do

if I cannot force ML to use stdcall (stdcall for our code, cdecl fro ML).


Any ideas on how I should go about making these changes?




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