[Trilinos-Users] How to compile individual example programs?

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Thu Feb 5 16:51:30 MST 2009

Hi Keita,

After you perform the initial configure and make of Trilinos, you may descend into any one of the example or test directories in your build tree and type make.  In this way only the executable(s) for that particular directory will be built.


On 2/5/09 5:26 PM, "Keita Teranishi" <keita at cray.com> wrote:

Dear Trilinos users,

We'd like to know if there is any way to build a specific example program of Trilinons-9.0.2 package because it takes a very long to build all example programs.   For example, we just want to compile package/didasko/aztecoo/ex2.cpp with a single command line.

We are very happy  to hear any alternatives if a single command line cannot do that.

Thanks in advance,

 Keita Teranishi
 Scientific Library Group
 Cray, Inc.
 keita at cray.com

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