[Trilinos-Users] Printing Eigenvalues with LOCA

Phipps, Eric T etphipp at sandia.gov
Tue Feb 3 10:10:00 MST 2009

Hi Casey,

Your parameter list code looks correct, so I don't see an obvious problem.  There are two things you can try:

(1) Try printing the parameter list you pass to LOCA via its print method after your continuation run finishes.  Look to see if any of your save eigen data parameters are unused (the parameter list will show [unused] after any parameters that weren't used) meaning that LOCA didn't parse them.  Often this is caused by a spelling mistake.

(2) You can try stepping through LOCA_Stepper.C with a debugger to see why your strategy is not being used.  The relevant lines to stop on are line 143 where your strategy is extracted from the parameter list and line 321 where your strategy should be called the first time.


On 2/2/09 7:30 PM, "Casey Marks" <casey at fivehut.com> wrote:

I'm updating some code that was written against an old (and no longer
available) version of Trilinos/LOCA.  I've gotten it working with the
dev branch of Trilinos, but I have lost one important feature in the
conversion -- printing eigenvalues.  I added my own
LOCA::SaveEigenData::AbstractStrategy, but its save() method is never
called.  Any suggestions on how to get eigenvalues printed out on every

Here is the code where I set the eigenvalue parameters:

     locaStepperList.set("Compute Eigenvalues", true);
     Teuchos::ParameterList& eList =
     eList.set("Block Size", 1);   // Size of blocks
     eList.set("Num Blocks", 30);  // Size of Arnoldi factorization
     eList.set("Num Eigenvalues", 4);  // Number of eigenvalues
     eList.set("Convergence Tolerance", 2.0e-5);  // Tolerance
     eList.set("Step Size", 1);  // How often to check convergence
     eList.set("Maximum Restarts", 2);
     eList.set("Sorting Order", "SM");
               Anasazi::Errors +
               Anasazi::Warnings +
               Anasazi::FinalSummary);        // Verbosity
     eList.set("Save Eigen Data Method", "User-Defined");
     eList.set("User-Defined Save Eigen Data Name", "CustomEigenOp");
     Teuchos::RCP<LOCA::SaveEigenData::AbstractStrategy> sedm =
       Teuchos::rcp(new EigenOp);
     eList.set("CustomEigenOp", sedm);

Thank you for your time,
Casey Marks

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