[Trilinos-Users] Printing Eigenvalues with LOCA

Casey Marks casey at fivehut.com
Mon Feb 2 19:30:22 MST 2009

I'm updating some code that was written against an old (and no longer 
available) version of Trilinos/LOCA.  I've gotten it working with the 
dev branch of Trilinos, but I have lost one important feature in the 
conversion -- printing eigenvalues.  I added my own 
LOCA::SaveEigenData::AbstractStrategy, but its save() method is never 
called.  Any suggestions on how to get eigenvalues printed out on every 

Here is the code where I set the eigenvalue parameters:

     locaStepperList.set("Compute Eigenvalues", true);
     Teuchos::ParameterList& eList =
     eList.set("Block Size", 1);   // Size of blocks
     eList.set("Num Blocks", 30);  // Size of Arnoldi factorization
     eList.set("Num Eigenvalues", 4);  // Number of eigenvalues
     eList.set("Convergence Tolerance", 2.0e-5);  // Tolerance
     eList.set("Step Size", 1);  // How often to check convergence
     eList.set("Maximum Restarts", 2);
     eList.set("Sorting Order", "SM");
               Anasazi::Errors +
               Anasazi::Warnings +
               Anasazi::FinalSummary);        // Verbosity
     eList.set("Save Eigen Data Method", "User-Defined");
     eList.set("User-Defined Save Eigen Data Name", "CustomEigenOp");
     Teuchos::RCP<LOCA::SaveEigenData::AbstractStrategy> sedm =
       Teuchos::rcp(new EigenOp);
     eList.set("CustomEigenOp", sedm);

Thank you for your time,
Casey Marks

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