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Hi Nik,

The easiest way to call a direct solver would be to use Amesos instead of AztecOO.  You can do this with NOX by replacing the linear system object you supply to NOX with NOX::Epetra::LinearSystemAmesos or NOX::Epetra::LinearSystemStratimikos, instead of using NOX::Epetra::LinearSystemAztecOO.  The constructor arguments are similar (see the corresponding source files in packages/nox/src-epetra), and of course you will also need to turn amesos on (and stratimikos if you go that route) in the Trilinos configure.  The simplest to use is NOX::Epetra::LinearSystemAmesos.


On 12/16/09 3:05 PM, "Nikhil Kriplani" <nkriplani at gmail.com> wrote:


I just installed Trilinos 10.0.2 and want to enable AztecOO's direct
solver (plain LU) option in my code. My question is, what should the
line in the do-configure script look like?

I have tried
-D Trilinos_ENABLE_AztecOO_Azlu:BOOL=ON

and different capitalizations of the AZLU characters, but none seem to
have worked.

The trouble I am having is that when my code uses NOX to solve a
nonlinear set of equations, NOX calls AztecOO and it gives me several
warning messages about the GMRES matrix being ill-conditioned, and
eventually the solution just breaks down. I wanted to try a few other
linear solver options before I delve deeper into the setup of my code.


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