[Trilinos-Users] int, Thyra::Ordinal: Thyra::create_Comm, Teuchos::Comm incompatibility?

Nico Schlömer nico.schloemer at ua.ac.be
Tue Dec 8 08:49:32 MST 2009


I'm bumping into problems here on a machine where Thyra::Ordinal is 
"long int" instead of the (regular?) "int".

I'm specifically creating a Teuchos::Comm via Thyra::create_Comm, and 
get a Teuchos::Comm<long int>. I'm unsuccessful in instantiating a 
Tpetra::Map<long int> with this communicator, which is because the none 
of the Tpetra::Map is templated in it's Teuchos::Comm argument, but 
instead demand a Teuchos::Comm<int>.

Would it possibly make sense to change this for GlobalOrdinal, or is 
there another way for creating a Tpetra::Map out of a Thyra::create_Comm?

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