[Trilinos-Users] NOX warnings

Thornquist, Heidi K hkthorn at sandia.gov
Fri Dec 4 10:23:33 MST 2009

Hi Mohammad,

Have you tried setting the output frequency to zero:

lsParams.set("Output Frequency", 0);

I see in your code that it was set to 50, so that may trigger output whether you want it to or not.


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On 12/3/09 10:40 AM, "Mohammad Reza Sharif" <sharif1133 at gmail.com> wrote:


I tried the method suggested by Roger. But there's a problem yet.
I think it is the linear solver (here AztecOO) that prints the warning messages.
I don't know how to disable these warnings.
I have attached the file that prints the warnings. In this file I have deliberately
tried to solve a set of equations that does not have any answers.


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