[Trilinos-Users] multiple libraries for TPL_<PACKAGE>_LIBRARIES

Jason Slemons slemons at cray.com
Fri Aug 28 17:14:41 MDT 2009

Hello, im trying to compile trilinos with a few TPLS that have multiple
libraries in their lib directory. The first one is scotch.


I have tried simply specifying 

 -D Scotch_INCLUDE_DIRS:PATH=/lus/nid00036/slemons/scotch_5.1/include\


 -D Scotch_LIBRARY_DIRS:PATH=/lus/nid00036/scotch_5.1/lib\


But I get errors, during the CMAKE phase, that CMAKE wasn't able to find
the four scotch libraries(named above). so I've tried
settingTPL_Scotch_LIBRARIES to the directory that contains all 4 libs
and that doesn't seem to work since I see in CMakeCache.txt :


//No help, variable specified on the command line.



So my question is how to I get TPL_<PACKAGE>_LIBRARIES to pick up
multiple libs?




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