[Trilinos-Users] scotch?

Cedric Chevalier ccheval at sandia.gov
Thu Aug 27 15:13:25 MDT 2009

Hi Jason,

In the new Trilinos (with CMake), I use the following lines to use
Scotch in Zoltan:
  -D Scotch_INCLUDE_DIRS:PATH=${TPL_INC_DIR}/scotch \
  -D Scotch_LIBRARY_DIRS:PATH=${TPL_LIB_DIR}/scotch-5.1.4 \
If MPI is unable we are looking for "ptscotch" else, we use the serial


On Thu, 2009-08-27 at 14:49 -0600, Jason Slemons wrote:
> Do you know if scotch and pt-scotch is a TPL supported by the new
> trilinos, in the sense of TPL_SCOTCH_LIBRARIES, and
> SCOTCH_LIBRARY_DIRS, being recognized by CMAKE? 
> -Jason

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