[Trilinos-Users] Windows 64-bit parallel

Matthew Koch mkoch at txcorp.com
Thu Aug 6 14:37:46 MDT 2009


We are currently using a patched build of Trilinos 9 to build in Visual 
Studio with the Intel compiler (configured using CMake).  This set up is 
working fine in 32-bit Windows, but on 64-bit we are running into MPI 
issues.  I want to upgrade to the alpha version of Trilinos 10 before 
asking too many questions, but the patch we are using for the Windows 
ports does not appear to work with the latest source, particularly for 
ML.  I read on the website that there are alpha patches that might fix 
some of these issues, is there somewhere I can get them and perhaps aid 
efforts in testing the latest Trilinos on 64-bit Windows?  If not, is 
there an estimated time frame for porting the ML package?


Matthew Koch

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