[Trilinos-Users] multiple columns for Teuchos::CommandLineProcessor

Bartlett, Roscoe A rabartl at sandia.gov
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What do you mean by "double/multiple columns"?

First, note that I am moving to adding complex sets of options in XML files and then reading them in as Teuchos::ParameterList objects that are then read by objects internally.  XML is much easier to work with if you have large sets of options and there are lots of tools that can help you manipulate XML.

The purpose of the class Teuchos::CommandLineProcessor class is to help feed in a few options to define tests and examples and not to handle large amounts of organized input.  That is really what the Teuchos::ParameterList class is for.


- Ross

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Hi all

I am using Teuchos::CommandLineProcessor in many of my codes.
It is a handy tool. The issue is that the printed help list gets extremely long
in many cases. I was wondering if it the list generated with --help can be made to
appear in double/multiple columns.

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