[Trilinos-Users] Building with Microsoft Visual Studio

Dan Erik Petersen dan.erik.petersen at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 01:41:29 MDT 2009

Hi Max -

I have been interested in building Trilinos on Windows, and have  
managed it using MS Visual Studio Express. Unfortunately, you are  
correct in that it needs modification of the source code. It seems  
that the source code is geared towards using Intel's C++ compiler, and  
not the MSVC compiler.

I had problems with ML also - and it necessitated the removal of any  
references to "unistd.h" and the related functions which are called  
(gethostname, for example).

I have the configure file I used to call CMake with the proper  
options, if you are interested.

It needs to be said though, that I used an experimental release of  
upcoming CMake build system that will be included in Trilinos. I am  
looking forward for the release also.


On 3 Apr, 2009, at 19:00 , Maxwell Carey wrote:

> I've read a few posts about building Trilinos on Windows with  
> Microsoft
> Visual Studio, and it seems like most packages can't be built without
> changing their source code. Would this be a correct assessment? I have
> built Epetra according to the instructions in the FAQ
> (http://trilinos.sandia.gov/faq.html#building_10), but AztecOO and ML
> don't seem to be as simple. Is there any way to build these packages  
> in
> Visual Studio? Could I get the CMakeLists files from Trilinos dev? Or
> will I just have to wait for the next release? (When is this  
> planned, by
> the way?) Thanks.
> --Max Carey
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