[Trilinos-Users] Problem building trilinos-9.0.2 on bassi.nersc.gov

John R. Cary cary at colorado.edu
Sun Apr 5 10:31:35 MDT 2009

It seems that the build system knows that there should
be no underscore, but then it looks for dgecon_, which
has the underscore.

nm shows that the symbol without the underscore is in the

Any way to fix?  (I have v7.X.X installed, so not a hurry.)

Thanks....John Cary

checking whether to use teuchos-demangle... yes
checking how to get verbose linking output from xlf_r... -v
checking for Fortran 77 libraries of xlf_r...  
-L/usr/common/compilers/xlf_11103/usr/lib -lxlf90 
-L/usr/common/compilers/xlf_11103/usr/lpp/xlf/lib -lxlopt -lxlf 
-lxlomp_ser -lpthreads -lm
checking for dummy main to link with Fortran 77 libraries... none
checking for Fortran 77 name-mangling scheme... lower case, no 
underscore, no extra underscore
checking for library containing pow... none required
checking for pow... yes
checking for sqrt... yes
checking for dgemm_ in -lessl... yes
checking for dgecon_ in /usr/common/usg/LAPACK/3.1.1/lapack_RS6K.a... no
configure: error: Cannot find lapack library, specify a path using 
--with-lapack=DIR/LIB (ex. --with-lapack=/usr/path/lib/libcxml.a)
configure: error: ../../../packages/teuchos/configure failed for 
b0201.bassi$ b0201.bassi$ b0201.bassi$ b0201.bassi$ ls 
/usr/common/usg/LAPACK3.0/  3.1.1/b0201.bassi$ ls 
lapack_RS6K.a  liblapack.a@  tmglib_RS6K.a
b0201.bassi$ nm /usr/common/usg/LAPACK/3.1.1/lapack_RS6K.a | grep dgecon*
0000000000000000 T .dgecon
00000000000006a0 d dgecon
00000000000006b8 D dgecon
                 U .dgecon
                 U .dgecon

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