[Trilinos-Users] Usage of Epetra_RowMatrixTransposer

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Tue Nov 11 09:26:25 MST 2008

Hi Andrea,

Have you checked the return code on the call to CreateTranspose?

Also, you should not need the "Rcut->FillComplete();" call since this is done for you when CreateTranspose is called.

Finally, unless you know that Tcut has exactly 1 nonzero per row, you should not use a "1" for the third argument to the Rcut constructor.  Instead use a "0".

If you cannot figure out the error and have a small test case, I am happy to look at it.


On 11/8/08 4:01 AM, "andrea3.villa at mail.polimi.it" <andrea3.villa at mail.polimi.it> wrote:

Good morning.
I have a problem using Epetra_RowMatrixTransposer. I'm running a test
code like:

Epetra_CrsMatrix* Rcut = new Epetra_CrsMatrix(Copy,*mapXp,1);
Epetra_RowMatrixTransposer Traspositore(Tcut);
delete Rcut;

Where Tcut is an already filled FECrsMatrix. I get several
segmentation fault problems. I've also used valgrind and it defines
the last code line as: "Invalid free() / delete / delete[]". Did I use
the Epetra_RowMatrixTransposer properly?

Thank you very much.

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