[Trilinos-Users] ML parameters list

andrea3.villa at mail.polimi.it andrea3.villa at mail.polimi.it
Wed Nov 5 02:45:17 MST 2008

Good evening.
I have a problem using ML. I have used a slight modification of the  
implementation quoted in the Trilinos Users Guide:

	MLList = new Teuchos::ParameterList("A matrix preconditioner");
	ML_Epetra::SetDefaults("DD", *MLList);
	MLList->set("max levels",2);
	MLList->set("increasing or decreasing","increasing");
	MLList->set("aggregation: type","ParMETIS");
	MLList->set("aggregation: nodes per aggregate", 1000);
	MLList->set("smoother: pre or post","both");
	MLList->set("coarse: type","Amesos-KLU");
	MLList->set("smoother: type","Aztec");

	int optionsSmoother[AZ_OPTIONS_SIZE];
	double paramsSmoother[AZ_PARAMS_SIZE];
	AZ_defaults(optionsSmoother, paramsSmoother);
	optionsSmoother[AZ_precond]         = AZ_dom_decomp;
	optionsSmoother[AZ_subdomain_solve] = AZ_ilut;

Unfortunately I get the following error:

	Error, the parameter {name="smoother: Aztec  
	in the parameter (sub)list "DD default values"
	exists in the list of valid parameters but has the wrong type.

	The correct type is "RCP<std::vector<int, std::allocator<int> >>".

	Throw number = 1

Do I made any mistake or the MLList usage has changed?
I appreciate every suggestion.
Best regards.

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