[Trilinos-Users] Amesos Mumps: DMUMPS_INT

James Willenbring jmwille at sandia.gov
Tue Nov 4 06:19:31 MST 2008



You are correct, 4.8.3 is not yet supported.  If any users have resolved the
4.8.3 issues, we would be receptive to receiving a patch for Amesos, but we
don't currently have anyone assigned to upgrade the MUMPS support to 4.8.3
in the short term.





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Hi everybody,

I am on Mac OS X Leopard, with Trilinos 9.0, MUMPS 4.8.3 and all other
dependencies (i.e. BLACS etc.) resolved. My Trilinos configuration goes
fine. When I try to make Trilinos, I receive the error

./../../../packages/amesos/src/Amesos_Mumps.cpp: In member function 'virtual
int Amesos_Mumps::SymbolicFactorization()':
../../../../packages/amesos/src/Amesos_Mumps.cpp:411: error: 'DMUMPS_INT'
was not declared in this scope
../../../../packages/amesos/src/Amesos_Mumps.cpp:411: error: expected `;'
before 'MPI_Comm_c2f'
../../../../packages/amesos/src/Amesos_Mumps.cpp:421: error: 'DMUMPS_INT'
was not declared in this scope
../../../../packages/amesos/src/Amesos_Mumps.cpp:421: error: expected `;'
before 'MPI_Comm_c2f'

I have *not* enabled amesos-old_mumps as my version of MUMPS is the most
recent one, I believe. 

Any idea as to why this happens? Amesos website says MUMPS 4.7.3 is
supported: is 4.8.3 too recent and not supported?



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