[Trilinos-Users] Problems setting AztecOO options when using AztecOO as a smoother inside ML

Rony Speck speckro at hotmail.com
Fri May 30 01:50:52 MDT 2008

Hello there

I want to use AztecOO's preconditioners as smoothers inside ML.

I use the following code to accomplish this:

    Teuchos::ParameterList mlList;
    mlList.set("smoother: type", "Aztec");

Then I want to set the options with the following code:

    int options[AZ_OPTIONS_SIZE];
    double params[AZ_PARAMS_SIZE];
    AZ_defaults(options, params);
    options[AZ_precond] = AZ_dom_decomp;
    options[AZ_overlap] = AZ_diag;
    options[AZ_subdomain_solve] = AZ_icc;

The code compiles but when I run the program, it exits with the following error message:

    Error, the parameter {name="smoother: Aztec options",type="int*",value="0xbfb56210"}
    in the parameter (sub)list "ANONYMOUS" exists in the list of valid parameters but has the wrong type.

    The correct type is "RCP<vector>".

    Throw number = 1

    ERROR: ML's Teuchos::ParameterList contains an incorrect parameter!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance
Rony Speck

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