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Thornquist, Heidi K hkthorn at sandia.gov
Mon Mar 31 15:36:51 MDT 2008

Hi Tom,

The only parameter that can shut off that SuperLU-dist output looks to be the "PrintNonzeros" boolean parameter.
It is off (false) by default, so I'm not sure why you are seeing this output unless you have the parameter set to true in your parameter list.  If you add:

List.set("PrintNonzeros", false);

to your parameter list, hopefully this output will disappear.


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On 3/31/08 12:18 PM, "Evans, Thomas M. (9te)" <evanstm at ornl.gov> wrote:

Does anyone know how to turn off the following messages in Amesos hooked to

    // set the vectors and matrix in the linear problem

    // make the solver
    Amesos factory;
    d_solver = factory.Create(d_solver_string, *d_problem);

    // factorize the solver
    int s_err = d_solver->SymbolicFactorization();
    int n_err = d_solver->NumericFactorization();

yields on execution:

        SYMBfact time: 0.00
        DISTRIBUTE time        0.00

on output.  I tried inserting the following:

  Teuchos::ParameterList List;
  List.set("PrintTiming", false);
  List.set("PrintStatus", false);
  List.set("OutputLevel", 0);

to no avail.  Any ideas?

Tom Evans
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Nuclear Science and Technology Division
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evanstm at ornl.gov   Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6170

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