[Trilinos-Users] Query in Amesos

Jonathan Hu jhu at sandia.gov
Fri Mar 28 10:41:51 MDT 2008

Hi Vignesh,

    I believe the Amesos factory returns 0 if the factory isn't 
available.   Remember that Amesos is an interface to 3rd party 
libraries.  Only Paraklete and KLU are provided with Amesos;  you must 
obtain and build the others, and configure Amesos to use them.  Please 
for details on this process;  there's also a guide located in 


vigneshp wrote:
> Hello Jonathan,
> I am using the Amesos packages and trying to use the different solvers.
> This is a piece from my code :-
> InversePrecOp::InversePrecOp(Epetra_CrsMatrix &AA, std::string am_soltype) :
> A(AA)
> {
>   Problem = new Epetra_LinearProblem;
>   Problem->SetOperator(&AA) ;
>   Amesos A_Factory;
>   Solver = A_Factory.Create( "Amesos_Lapack", *Problem);
>   assert(Solver != NULL);
> }
> Solver returns null though. Works fine for Amesos_Klu. Kindly help me resolve
> this issue.
> Thank you for your time.
> Vignesh
> MIT Grad Student.

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