[Trilinos-Users] Factorization failure in Moocho with MA28

Guangchao Geng superdaii at zju.edu.cn
Sat Mar 22 20:12:36 MDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I am trying Moocho with MA28. All examples in Moocho run normally with MA28.
However, Moocho with MA28 fails in the phase of factorization of our own code with
the following error message

>MoochoSolver: Caught an std::exception of type
DenseLinAlgLAPack::FactorizationException described as :
>Throw number = 1
>Throw test that evaluated to true: true
>potrf(...): Error, Minor of order 2 is not positive definite, the factorization
could not be completed

But our code runs well and gets the right answer without MA28 (modify the
"Direct_linear_solver" option to "DENSE" in order to use LAPACK as solver). Any
All of our tests are performed on Linux (kernel version 2.6.20) with Trilinos
package 8.0.5.

Thanks a lot

Guangchao Geng

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