[Trilinos-Users] Thyra & RTOp execinclude

Bartlett, Roscoe A rabartl at sandia.gov
Thu Mar 6 15:01:27 MST 2008


I was not aware of the distinction between these two installed include directory paths.

Are you registered with Trilinos's Bugzilla website http://software.sandia.gov/bugzilla so that you can submit this as a bug and explain why this is a problem?


Roscoe Bartlett, Lead developer of the Trilinos packages rtop and thrya

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I just noticed both thyra and rtop install their machine-independent header files in both $(includedir) and $(execincludedir).

My understanding is that only Thyra_Config.h and RTop_Config.h should be installed in $(execincludedir), which is a machine-dependent directory.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Thank you,


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