[Trilinos-Users] Confused about mlmex

Christopher Siefert csiefer at sandia.gov
Fri Jun 27 14:21:56 MDT 2008


You didn't send the exact error message, but I'm guessing that you're
just missing ml.m, which was inadvertently left out of the 8.0.7
tarball.  I've attached it.  Drop it in packages/ml/matlab and rerun


On Fri, 2008-06-27 at 14:14 -0600, Tudor Buican wrote:
> Hi, everybody.
> I'm trying to build MLMEX and am getting confused: configure, make
> everything and make install work without obvious (to me) complaints, and
> yet I can find no mlmex file at the end, except for the source,
> mlmex.cpp, and mlmex-mlmex.Po. When I call ml, I get an error message
> saying that the function mlmex is unknown. I assume there should have
> been something like mlmex.m and mlmex.so somewhere, but I certainly
> can't find them. (BTW, following a discussion a day or two ago, I
> disabled mpi when building with mlmex enabled, but that didn't help.)
> Any help would be welcome.
> -Tudor
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