[Trilinos-Users] Confused about mlmex

Tudor Buican tudor at timb.com
Fri Jun 27 14:14:45 MDT 2008

Hi, everybody.

I'm trying to build MLMEX and am getting confused: configure, make
everything and make install work without obvious (to me) complaints, and
yet I can find no mlmex file at the end, except for the source,
mlmex.cpp, and mlmex-mlmex.Po. When I call ml, I get an error message
saying that the function mlmex is unknown. I assume there should have
been something like mlmex.m and mlmex.so somewhere, but I certainly
can't find them. (BTW, following a discussion a day or two ago, I
disabled mpi when building with mlmex enabled, but that didn't help.)

Any help would be welcome.

Tudor N. Buican, PhD
Managing Member
phone: 505-271-9925, 505-818-7303
fax: 505-271-9925
email: tudor at timb.com

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