[Trilinos-Users] trouble making trilinos with epetraext and hdf5

Simone Deparis simone.deparis at epfl.ch
Fri Jun 20 03:05:50 MDT 2008

Davood Ansari wrote:
> I decided to go for the HDF5 functions in EpetraExt.
> I successfully compiled and installed HDF5 .
> Then I modified my last time's configure string for trilinos and went
> for a new compile.


> *The only difference with my last time's compilation is in the*
> --enable-epetraext-hdf5 \*  directive.
> Unfortunately make lead to this error when compiling the EpetraExt package:
> *
> ../../../../packages/epetraext/src/inout/EpetraExt_HDF5.h(327): error
> #165: too few arguments in function call
>         hid_t group_id = H5Gcreate(file_id_, GroupName.c_str(), 0);
> *Don't really know what to do with it ???
> Kindly Comment


I have compiled trilinos 8.0.3 and enabled hdf5 in the same way.
Everything worked fine for me. Maybe (this is just a guess) you have to
rebuild hdf5 with parallel enabled, --enable-parallel cf

Best regards
Simone Deparis

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