[Trilinos-Users] Problem with EpetraExt::VectorToMatrixMarketFile

Tudor Buican tudor at timb.com
Sun Jul 20 23:35:45 MDT 2008

Hi everybody.

I am trying to write an Epetra_Vector to a Matrix Market file using
VectorToMatrixMarketFile. This works if all the MPI processes run on the
front-end (presumably the only node that actually writes to disk) but
fails when other nodes are included. The corresponding read method,
MatrixMarketFileToVector, works regardless of the nature and number of
nodes used. I am using Trilinos 8.0.4.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Tudor N. Buican, PhD
Managing Member
phone: 505-271-9925, 505-818-7303
fax: 505-271-9925
email: tudor at timb.com

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