[Trilinos-Users] Basic question concerning Anasazi and Epetra

Axel CABLE axel.cable at etu.univ-nantes.fr
Thu Jul 17 06:27:08 MDT 2008

Hi Chris and Heidi,

Thank you for your fast answers!

The sample file you gave me was exactly what I needed.

Though, when trying to build my fission.cpp file, i get the following errors:

make: c: Command not found
make: [fission.o] Error 127 (ignored)
[linking to libraries..]
make: o: Command not found
make: [fission.exe] Error 127 (ignored)

I built and installed trilinos in the following directory:
(I ran "make everything" and "install everything" after configuring with
the appropriate options)

Hence Anasazi is located in:
I dont have an /include directory though in /anasazi, but I pointed to the
Makefile.export.anasazi file located directly in /anasazi.

Any idea how I could solve the make errors?

Is it normal that I don't have an /include directory in /anasazi? 
(installation not made correctly? I didn't get any error though)

I attached the modified Makefile and the obtained error in case it would

Thanks for your time and help,


> Hi Axel,
> In addition to Chris Baker's suggestions, I would suggest that you play
> with the example found in:
> example/BlockKrylovSchur/BlockKrylovSchurEx.cpp
> This example shows how to build a matrix in Epetra (discretized 2D
> convection-diffusion operator) and compute the eigenvalues of
> it using block Krylov-Schur, which is our non-Hermitian eigensolver.
> Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
> Thanks,
> Heidi
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> Axel,
> You should configure Trilinos, build it, and install it into a separate
> directory. This directory will contain the C++ headers and libraries
> necessary for you to build the modified example. There are instructions
> for doing this here:
> http://trilinos.sandia.gov/getting_started.html
> I have attached a simple Makefile that I use when building an external
> executable against an installed version of Epetra/Anasazi. You should be
> able to modify this to your needs.
> Bienvenue et bonne chance,
> Chris Baker
> On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 08:05, Axel CABLE
> <axel.cable at etu.univ-nantes.fr<mailto:axel.cable at etu.univ-nantes.fr>>
> wrote:
> Hi Users List,
> I want to compute the largest eigenvalue and corresponding eigenvector of
> a possibly very large non-symmetric real sparse matrix.
> Anasazi seems to be a good way to achieve that, using Epetra to build the
> matrix.
> Being new to programing in general, I intend to simply modify the
> available examples without studying Epetra and Anasazi in detail.
> I have hence a basic question:
> What should I do to compile the modified example .cpp file?
> I guess I should create a Makefile, but I couldn't find an explanation for
> this anywhere. Is there some kind of Makefile example somewhere?
> I would be very grateful if you could help me with this.
> Thanks!
> Axel CABLE
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