[Trilinos-Users] [trilinos-users] Segmentation fault in stratimikos example

Dane Wallinga danewallinga at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 11 22:44:16 MDT 2008

I'm relatively new to Trilinos, and c++ for that matter, and I've been encountering some problems while working with the simple_stratimikos_example in Stratimikos. Running the compiled .exe, I receive  a segmentation fault when I try to specify Belos as the linear solver in the parameters xml. Is there any obvious reason why Belos would cause such an error where Amesos and AztecOO do not?  Still more puzzling is the situation that arises when I modify the example to use initialize the linear system from a CrsMatrixGallery rather than a .mtx file; the problems with Belos persist, but now I receive faults with Ameses and AztecOO as well.  What's puzzling is that the program does successfully return a solution, only throwing the Segmentation Fault when it comes time to output "_ of the tests checked out"  While I'm sure this description is a bit vague, it would help debugging if I at least had some idea of what kind of segmentation fault would arise that
 doesn't significantly affect the program output.

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